Mobile Telemetry

sim.jpgAt the recent Orange Mobile Data Forum there was an inspirational session on mobile telemetry. Telemetry is the use of mobile data for remote information gathering.

Special hardware containing phone hardware or in some cases conventional phones ‘strapped’ to sensors can be used to implement a wide variety of systems from tracking vehicles to implementing Orange Wednesdays.

The recent lowering of prices of telecoms terminal (phone) hardware from 1000 Euros to 45 Euros has opened up a wealth of new application areas. Here are some current examples…

  • Fleet Tracking – Usually via GPS rather than network location detection
  • Stock reordering – Knowing the supply before the demand
  • Orange Wednesdays – cinemas have GPRS boxes
  • Home monitoring security – e.g. Securitas
  • UK Norwich Union experimental pay as you drive insurance. This can potentially assess driving as well!
  • Brulines to monitor brewery beer quality
  • Some of Pixology’s print kiosks use mobile to upload data

Mobile Telemetry is an under-utilised technology and there are very large number of applications waiting to be discovered. However, care needs to be taken when assessing data requirements and data costs. Furthermore, care has to be taken to secure online systems against external attack, especially when hardware is PC based.