M:Metrics Data

mmetrics.jpgI have been holding off commenting on the M:Metrics MoMo London presentation last week until the presentation came online. There were so many facts and figures I wanted to be sure I got them correct.



Here are the statistics that particularly interested me…

  • Smartphones are mainly owned by males
  • Italy has a much higher percentage (20%) of Smartphone users than other countries
  • The UK is different in that a large percentage of phones (51.5%) are provided free of charge as part of a tariff

There was also an interesting observation in the top slide – "The shorter lifecycle for smartphones means higher sales does not reflect in faster growth in installed base." Hence, Symbian’s habit of frequently quoting their cumulative shipped devices probably has less of a correlation with the number of people currently using these smartphones.

Check out the presentation for many more statistics on mobile consumption, the top UK smartphones, smartphones as an advertising target, content consumption on the iPhone, device user satisfaction vs price and unlimited data plan content consumption.