Symbian Dev Certs without Publisher ID

symbian.gifI am getting many requests from people asking if I will create a Symbian dev cert for them. Why? Well, Symbian has taken away the facility to create dev certs without a publisher ID.

This means people can’t sign and use many of the freeware applications currently available. Symbian intend to introduce the new Open Signed process soon but until then there are lots of unhappy and confused people.

Some people are incorrectly thinking that it won’t be possible to create dev certs without a Publisher ID any longer. This is incorrect. From the Symbian Signed docs…



Hence, once Open Signed comes available it will be possible to create a dev cert without a publisher ID. Furthermore, you won’t even need a Symbian Signed account if you are signing freeware that a developer has offered as being able to be Open signed online.

Meanwhile, sorry, no, I can’t create dev certs nor sign applications for you. I don’t have the time to do this. In any case signing using an arbitrary Publisher ID isn’t right as a publisher ID should only be used for applications published by that particular entity.