Android Challenge Popular

android.gifIt’s fascinating that there have been 1788 entries to the Android Developer Challenge . I wonder how many of these are already mobile developers or are PC/Mac/server developers attempting mobile applications. If they are predominantly Windows Mobile, Java ME and Symbian developers then these platforms may have seen less development in the last few months.

It’s also fascinating that all these entries have been written using Android’s JAVA programming language. Just think what more could be done in the future if native applications became a possibility.

Has the challenge worked financially for Google? Well, 1788 entries that committed to an average of say 6 weeks work is (assuming 44 working weeks a year) 243 man years. Google would need to have recruited this many people to get an equivalent number of ideas for Android. 243 people at say $100,000 per person is $24,300,000. The prize money is $10,000,000 so Google did well out of this. Furthermore, it couldn’t have ever recruited and housed that many capable people so quickly and the overheads in doing so would have been huge and taken years rather than months. I know my numbers are rough and probably full of holes. However, whatever way you look at it, while the prize seemed huge, Google have been very shrewd.