Windows Mobile Trends

amoivodafone.jpgEarlier this month I commented on how I perceived Windows Mobile is growing, based on the number of development enquiries I have been receiving. I guessed this was because of better 3G Windows Mobile devices and greater uptake by network operators.

Last November, while reviewing the Skypephone that 3 sent me, I commented on the rise of the Chinese ODM and the resulting possibility of very cheap, stylish capable phones.

This last Friday, there was an announcement that China based Amoi (the ODM of the 3 Skypephone) will be creating Windows Mobile phones for Vodafone. Orange and AT&T are already using Windows Mobile phones from Amoi and I see this as a vindication and significant growth of this strategy.

This will bring significantly more Windows Mobile devices to the market. It also makes me question whether this is a future trend. Will network operators shun the likes of Nokia, Motorola and Sony Ericsson phones and get them built themselves? Will new OS alternatives such as Android accellerate this trend?