Symbian Foundation Comments

nokia.gifThere are some interesting comments around on the Symbian Foundation.

Michael Mace’s Symbian changes everything, and nothing has some excellent observations. Much in the same way Michael said Mobile Applications, RIP , he now says "UIQ is dead". Do I spot a theme here Michael?

More seriously, he asks "How does Nokia differentiate its software?". I believe it’s now more about the services on top of the OS. For example, think maps, music, messaging, social networks and user generated content.

Which conveniently leads me to Russell’s… "Do Mobile OS Platforms Matter?". Again, lots of insightful stuff. Russell’s argument is that there’s "No killer apps, No app variation, No one buys apps anyways, No one cares about which OS". This may be true now. However, what’s true now isn’t necessarily true in the future. The whole idea of Android, the iPhone and Symbian Foundation is to try to break these preconceptions. Incidentally, Russell’s final point that "Anything a Native app can do, Java can do too" is incorrect – Java can’t do so much. In fact, this is one of Java’s (Java ME’s) main weaknesses.