What Will Happen to UIQ?

uiqtech.gifWondering what will happen to UIQ and the currently shipping licensee phones? There has been an interview and forum posts (here and here) explaining a few things…

  • Sony Ericsson will continue to ship UIQ phones for quite some time, with the G700 and G900 expected to achieve good volumes
  • Motorola has publicly said it will also continue to ship UIQ phones
  • Over time, Sony Ericsson will be moving to the Symbian Foundation platform
  • Sony Ericsson see one significant and obvious benefit is that there will be no license cost for using Symbian OS and the new UI
  • Sony Ericsson will accelerate their plans to use Symbian OS across a wide range of devices at a wide range of price points

The latter point is interesting what with Sony Ericsson’s experiments with the Windows Mobile based Xperia X1. I can’t help but wonder if creation of The Symbian Foundation will have slowed Sony Ericsson migrating to Windows Mobile.