Quick Recipes on Symbian OS

quickrecipes.gifQuick Recipes on Symbian OS‘ has just been published.

It’s often the case developers with no Symbian experience are asked to produce an application yesterday. The aim of the book is to get these people up and running as quickly as possible. Quick guidelines how to set up the IDE and SDK, a summary of Symbian idioms and a comprehensive set of ‘recipes’ reduce the length of time needed to implement code. The recipes include file handling, PIM, networking, messaging, graphics, multimedia, telephony, connectivity and location based services. The book covers both S60 and UIQ as well as generic Symbian APIs.

The lead author, Michael Aubert says in the interview on developer.symbian.com published today

"Each recipe represents code that developers often actually need; the readers will be able to reuse them simply by copying them. The book is structured as a two-weeks learning exercise but the code samples are taken from real-life experience."

What I particularly like about the book is that it includes panels with ‘tips’ and ‘what may go wrong if you do this’. The latter are particularly helpful as it’s sometimes the case that it’s the 1% of the code that consumes most of the effort – when it just doesn’t seem to behave as it should.

Code examples for the book can be found on the Symbian Developer web site.

It’s no secret that Symbian OS isn’t that accessible for first-timers. It’s a steep learning curve. Books like this and the opening up of the OS via the Symbian foundation will provide examples that make Symbian OS much more accessible for first timers.