Symbian APIs – Just for Fun

symbian.gifIn Symbian, Just for Fun, David Wood talks about some research ideas at Symbian and how they might make Symbian development easier…

"I see lots of API improvement projects inside the Symbian labs – such as the experimental forthcoming ZString class alternative to text descriptors, and the proposed RAll utility classes for simplified resource management"

I wrote about this concept in August 2005

"Maybe Symbian (or rather UIQ and Nokia) should provide a set of simplified wrapper classes around the existing UI, much like MFC over Win32. Most of the Symbian code I have written includes common code across projects. Often, I need many lines of cryptic code to do something that’s one line of code in J2ME or Windows Mobile. A well written framework would hide all this complexity and encourage Symbian development."

I believe Symbian (and Nokia’s) APIs currently take too much time to understand for casual developers.