Canalys Q2 2008 Statistics

canalys.gifCanalys have just released their smartphone statistics for Q2 2008.

  • 38% of smartphones shipping in EMEA have GPS integrated
  • Smartphone growth is slowing compared to the previous 18 months
  • 58% of phones ship with WiFi
  • Nokia has 71.2% of the market, declining from 79.7%
  • Devices with touch screens represented 13% of the smartphone market

At first sight the Canalys statistics seem useful. However, if you are considering global rollouts of your application or service then you might like to consider that these statistics only cover Europe Middle East and Africa (EMEA). In fact, these statistics raise more questions than they answer…

  • How big is the EMEA phone market as a whole (not just smartphones)?
  • What percentage of the EMEA market is smartphones and is this increasing or decreasing?
  • Is smartphone growth just growth of the mobile phone market and not smartphones?
  • Why is Nokia so strong? Probably because Apple, Blackberry and Windows Mobile are more popular in N America which is outside EMEA.