38% Smartphone Market Share in 2012?

gartner136.gifIn a very recent interview, an analyst from Gartner said that, in 2012, they…

"…expect smartphone unit sales to reach over 700 million of the total 1.8 billion handset market; that’s 65%, or $200 billion-worth, of the total $312 billion mobile phone market at that time."

To put this into some perspective, global smartphone sales currently represent (extrapolating) roughly 120 million of what might be 1.2bn units this year – say about 10%.

Here are what these figures look like as a pie charts…


If Gartner is correct, there will be many new opportunities. However, don’t forget that the figures represent new sales in the given year (2012). This isn’t the same as the total market for smartphone applications and services (which will be larger) because this will include people who purchased phones in previous years – and some of these will also have been smartphones.