Application Provisioning

OpenContentDeliveryServer.gifOne area I find companies often leave until late is provisioning of their application via their web server. It can be as simple as adding the application to your web server and adding the appropriate mime types. Some companies also set up simple SMS and WAP push mechanisms.

However, if you have more than one application, application variants or need to sell an application then things get more complex. In these cases it’s sometimes possible to leverage something that’s already been written.

Sun has just launched version 5.1 of the Sun Java System Content Delivery Server (CDS). CDS provides a free, open source, single content catalog that can support multiple storefronts on phones and PCs, as well as content pricing, promotion, preview, payment and delivery services. It’s built on Java EE and supports Java ME, Symbian and Microsoft Windows Mobile applications. It also supports monophonic, polyphonic and real ring tones, audio video clips and streaming.

The latest version (5.1) adds support for rich media and provides a more compelling and personalised subscriber experience.

OpenCDS, the open source version of Sun CDS, can be found at the OpenCDS community project on