Samsung Mobile Innovator

samsung.gifSamsung have a new mobile developer site (in beta) called Samsung Mobile Innovator. It covers Samsung specific S60 development. From October there will be facilities to allow remote testing on real devices, technical support and a business development service.

I think the section is particularly useful as it provides a way to submit business proposals to Samsung.

There has been a comment that fragmentation of Symbian specific development sites might not be a good thing and that all resources should eventually be put under some kind web site controlled by the Symbian Foundation.

Unfortunately, it’s human nature that companies (and even departments within the same company) don’t communicate and people prefer to do their own thing. Sometimes there are other motivations such as a company promoting its own variant of something. With Symbian OS becoming more open to change, I suspect we may end up with many more phone OEM specific developer sites. Maybe all the Symbian Foundation will be able to do is provide pointers to and index all this information.

As an aside, April last year, I created a Google Coop (now called Google Customer Search) over all the Symbian Specific development sites. I have now added the new Samsung site.