Sony Ericsson, Windows Mobile and Android

android.gifThere’s an interesting piece on regarding Sony Ericsson’s mobile strategy. In particular, as expected, Sony Ericsson’s use of Windows Mobile in the Xperia is to try to "crack the US market".

Furthermore, it’s surprising to hear that Sony Ericsson sees Android as…

"If you want to give every service away to Google, then Android is the perfect solution."

I thought the idea of Android was that, being open, phone OEMs would be able to optionally replace Google components with their own. Obviously, the replacements would need to be the same or better than Google’s otherwise people would ask why they are being sold a dumbed down phone. I think therein lies the problem. It’s very difficult (read expensive) for phone OEMs to match and replace Google’s offerings.

Previously, I had thought that network operator takeup of Android might be the main factor determining Android’s success. It turns out phone OEM acceptance might also be problem.