iPhone Developer Shortage

apple.gifIt’s strange how mutually independent people seem to contact me at the same time enquiring about similar things. This week, it has been people looking for iPhone developers. According to someone I spoke to today, there’s a big shortage. This has come from the success of the Apple App store and the perception that there’s money to be made making iPhone applications.

As CEOWorld says

"Nokia needs to make sure it’s developers start making the kind of money that iPhone developers make. There’s a reason that Apple will make a killing in the mobile markets and all other handset makers won’t – it’s that Apple will get a cut of almost every piece software sold on all iPhones."

It’s my opinion that companies looking to recruit iPhone developers should widen their requirements and look for Mac developers. The development environment and language is the same and it will increase the chances of someone being found  – and that person being affordable.

Also, if you are a mobile developer about to leave Sony Ericsson or UIQ, you might consider cross-training to iPhone!