Publishing an Android Application

androidmarket.gifI published my first freeware application on the Android Market last week. I was amazed with the ease of the publishing process. I signed the app, signed up to the Market and uploaded the application within minutes. I looked on the T-Mobile G1 and it was there immediately. It made Symbian and iPhone publishing look tortuous in comparison.

Also on publishing, I am seeing many authors providing updates to their applications. This is good but unless users are watching the list of latest applications then nobody will know they are there. Google hasn’t yet added a mechanism for upgrading. In my application, I added a call to my server to fetch a very small file. The file contains ‘EXPIRED’ if the application needs to be upgraded, together with a message to the user explaining how to upgrade.

I have had emails from people discussing whether it’s worth entering the Android ecosystem yet. One person expressed the opinion that because all applications (on the Market) are currently free this may set the expectation that all applications should be free. Also, I have heard some people are making the association Google = free applications and even open source OS = free applications. We will have wait and see what really happens.