Carbide.c++ 2.0 Free of Charge

nokia.gifAt the Symbian Smartphone Show this year, several people told me that it was likely that Carbide.c++ would become free of charge. They told me not to publish the fact because it wasn’t 100% certain and still needed approval. Well, today, Carbide.c++ 2.0 has been released and from now on, all editions are free!

Over the years, I have used Carbide.c++ a lot and have grown so used to it that I’d never go back to CodeWarrior. I particularly like the UI designer. It gets skeleton applications up and running quickly. When the UI designer feature first shipped, I just used it to create the initial application screens and coded up subsequent UI changes by hand. These days, I trust the UI designer enough to use it throughout development of an application. It cleverly retains any code I have added and regenerates the classes with my code whenever I do a UI change. I have only ever had one case where it got confused and regenerated erronous classes – probably because I deleted some code generated by the UI designer.

More details on Carbide.c++ can be found on Forum Nokia.