Opera SDK

opera.gifOpera have released a beta version of a new Platform SDK that allows mobile applications to be developed using AJAX (a mixture of HTML, CSS and Javascript). Applications run in the Opera web browser. The SDK is currently only for the Series 60 but a Microsoft Windows Mobile version is coming soon.

Opera applications can be likened to Flash. They are written in a easy-to-program high level script language. Unfortunately, they also suffer from the same shortcoming…. licensing. Both require a runtime (the Opera web browser in this case) which isn’t already on the phone and require end users to purchase. Opera and Macromedia are hoping the likes of Nokia will license the runtime for inclusion in future phones. 

In the case of Macromedia Flash, Nokia announced a licensing agreement last February. It’s still not known which, if any, Nokia Series 60 device will be the first to include Flash. Many people expected this to be a device in the NSeries but this doesn’t seem to be the case.

In the case of Opera, Nokia have gone off and created their own web browser. Hence, it’s very unlikely Opera will be included in future phones.

Thus, most freeware and commercial developers won’t be that interested in creating Flash and Opera applications as there are very very few users.