Retail Motivations

Mobile Today were at the Symbian Smartphone Show this year trying to get people to sign up for their weekly newspaper. Mobile Today’s core readership is UK mobile retailers. Nevertheless, I signed up so as to gain a perspective of what drives the mobile sales channel. Is it phones, applications, services or tariffs?


Over the last we months, the main themes driving the retail market have been…

  • People joining or leaving high profile companies
  • Stores opening and closing
  • Innovative/smartphone releases (RIM, INQ1, G1)
  • Broadband laptops

Apart from recent articles on Comes with Music and Facebook-friendly phones, there’s relatively very little emphasis on mobile applications and services. This is something that will have to change if the handset OEMs and network operators wish to push services as much as the phones themselves.

If you would like to take look at what really drives retailers and consumers you might like to subscribe or take a look at the Mobile Today web site.