Success Factor: It’s Who You Know

genericmobile.gifMany mobile companies start out thinking they will sell their product or service to a network operator or handset OEM. I have seen many great mobile ideas implemented well, only to never reach consumers. Why? Even though the companies hire the best sales and marketing people, they don’t gain any traction with the handset OEMs or network operators.

If you have tried to sell an idea to handset OEMs or network operators you will know it can be a very difficult process. It can be challenging to identify the right person in the organisation to talk to. There may even be more than one person in that there may different departments that may in fact never communicate with one another and may even be in competition with one another. When you find the right person, you often find they want to take no risk. You must be able to sell them an opportunity that just about guarantees income for their company. Finally, when you have convinced them, you will find it takes months or years to get everything agreed and used by the company – by which time, things have moved on and your solution is probably less relevant.

The most successful cases I have experienced have been where there’s already a relationship with the key person (or people) concerned. You, or someone you recruit, may have already sold them something else, know them personally/professionally and are trusted. The processes are already well known and things happen a lot faster.

So, if your company doesn’t have this existing relationship, it will help to recruit someone or sell via a company that does.