Smartphone Shipments

Forward Concepts have a new report on "Smartphone & Chip Market Opportunities". It shows 2008 smartphone market share as follows…


Findings include…

  • Smartphone shipments worldwide are projected to grow 13% in 2009 to 164 million units
  • A compound annual growth rate of 21.7% to the 387 million unit level in 2013
  • Symbian continues to be the leading Smartphone operating system, with an estimated 49% unit market share in 2008, while Microsoft Windows has grown to a 14% share, and RIM with 13%.  Linux and its Android implementations have reached 11%

Forward Concept’s view of the market is also interesting…

"Strong growth for Smartphones is partly due to the uptake in mobile data which leads to higher revenue for the operators. Because of the higher data revenue that it brings, we project that higher-end feature phones will lose market share to Smartphones as a result of the narrowing spread in (subsidized) up-front net cost to the end user."

The detailed report on over 80 companies is available from Forward Concepts.