Success Factor: Process

genericmobile.gifI sometimes come across companies, especially mobile startups, that lack even rudimentary software engineering and business processes. What do I meant by processes? Well, methods, rules, guidelines, standards, practices and tools to get things done. Here are some examples…

  • Requirements Specifications
  • Source Code Control
  • Software Engineering Process
  • Change Control
  • Information Sharing (Intranet)
  • Coding Standards
  • Formal Testing
  • Separate Production and Development Environments

The usual excuse is "We don’t have the time" or "We don’t have the money". However, getting these things correct from the start can actually save time and money as well as a lot of stress.

If you want to learn about software engineering you might like to try ‘Software Engineering – A Practitioner’s Approach’. There are also some more mobile-centric references in my previous post in October 2006, on Nokia Process Guidelines. Alternatively, recruit someone who knows what they are doing (Also see ‘Capability’ below).