Success Factor: Flexibility

genericmobile.gifPopular mobile services sometimes evolve from something else or their implementation evolves significantly. Two high profile examples are…

  • Shozu originally started as a phone sync solution under the Cognima brand, moved over to a camera phone print solution and then moved on to today’s solution as multi site upload.
  • Flirtomatic started as an installable application and moved to the mobile web.

One key to being successful is not to give up when things are failing. Be flexible. Build on something you already have and re-purpose it to make something more successful. Think about how you might…

  • Re-brand to reach new markets
  • Re-implement to make it more accessible (app to web, web to app, change of platform)
  • Re-purpose to make useful for a different set of users
  • Re-visit the business model to make it more financially attractive
  • Re-invent parts that’s don’t work
  • Re-sell something else off the back of your original idea

but always…

  • Re-use as much as possible.  I have also seen some companies fall down when re-implementation becomes too ambitious and breaks everything.