Success Factor: User Experience

genericmobile.gifContinuing my ‘Success Factors’ series, I should write something about User Experience. This is a huge topic and PMN hold a conference every year just covering user experience. Here are a few insights from various past projects. Common user experience issues include…

  • Difficulty to set up, typically with too many steps to get going
  • Difficulty to discover application or service
  • Data is too costly
  • Data usage and cost is uncertain for the user
  • There’s no incentive to use the application/service
  • The application or service is too intrusive

These days, projects are getting better at solving these problems. However, I still see too many projects fail because the users just don’t get it. Some things are so far from what a user expects that they don’t understand the idea. This isn’t about usability but more about expectation and education.

The worst cases I have seen have been where a highly technical person has ‘tickled an itch’. i.e. They have created a solution for themselves (a geek) rather than the mass market.

In summary, user experience is much more than the user interface (UI). Also, if you go to one of the PMN conferences you will learn User Experience is a ‘whole of life’ thing – it needs to be considered for the whole life of the phone, service or application, not just implementation and use on the phone.