emmclogo.gifIt was sad to hear about EMCC’s demise today. I have previously worked with several EMCC people on previous projects. I hope you find new jobs quickly. If you have been caught up in this you might like to browse Harvey Nash’s Symbian Foundation micro site. They are recruiting many Symbian positions in the UK, Finland and USA. I also occasionally get contacted regarding various Symbian permanent positions so feel free to email me.

As for EMCC, I am surprised it failed at this moment in time. Talking to people in the industry and considering my own leads, I haven’t had the impression that there’s less work about. In fact, at MoMo London this week, another mobile developer company I know well said they has a surplus of work.

I don’t know why EMCC failed. However, I suspect it was due to depending on one market. They might have been depending on one main client (Nokia, UIQ or Symbian?) or one technology (EMCC was predominantly a Symbian OS software house).