Mobile Success Factors Wrapup

genericmobile.gifIt’s time to wrap up my short series on mobile success factors.  I started with ‘It’s Who You Know’ and wrote about working with large organisations such as network operators that have too much inertia. Next, I noted my experiences of projects having ‘Too Many Partners’. I moved on to ‘Feasibility’ and how this is often an after thought. I gave some advice, ‘Don’t Depend On One Market’. I spoke a bit about ‘Capability’ and getting the right people for the job. I also gave some thoughts on ‘VC Funding’. Another area where I have been amazed at companies’ deficiencies is ‘Process’. I also gave some views on the need for ‘Flexibility’ and not necessarily ending up creating what was originally intended. I wrote a short piece on the importance of ‘User Experience’. Finally, I had some observations on ‘Timing’.

My aim was to post some short observations on how I have seen mobile projects succeed and fail. In writing, I often thought to myself that some of the issues were obvious, especially in hindsight. However, people starting mobile projects often ignore the obvious for some reason. Hopefully, I have given someone some additional things to think about.