Skyhook Wireless LBS Survey

skyhookwireless.gifSkyhook wireless have a new survey that answers a question I have had for a while… How accurate a location do most developers need? Is cell id good enough for most applications or is accurate position as given by GPS really required?
It turns out 73% of developers require exact positioning. 19% need neighbourhood location while 3% want city and 5% country approximation. Additionally, 73% say that fast location results are important for application performance.

It’s unfortunate so many LBS developers need accurate position information. GPS takes a while to get a lock position and it’s currently impractical to keep it on all the time due to battery drain. Use of cell id consumes very little extra resource because the phone radio, insofar as it’s required for data/voice, can be considered to be always on.

The full survey, including data on what platforms LBS developers intend developing for, is available free from Skyhook Wireless.