Sony Ericsson’s Bet

sonyericsson.gifThere’s a thought provoking article in the UK’s Guardian today regarding Sony Ericsson’s triple software bet. Several analysts are quoted as saying that using three different operating systems (Symbian OS, Windows Mobile and Android) could prove a costly mistake.

The Guardian article cites technical and subsequent cost reasons why it’s risky to offer phones with three operating systems (It’s actually four if you include their feature phone OS). I tend to agree but for an additional reason. I frequently come across people who say things like ‘Nokia is better than Sony Ericsson’ or ‘Sony Ericsson is better than Nokia’. What does this mean? Digging deeper, they have got used to how a particular phone works and using any other phone seems inferior to them just because they don’t know how to use it. Unless managed carefully at the point of sale, (since when has this happened?) having four operating systems might end up alienate this kind of loyal consumer.