Symbian Foundation Beta Site

symbianfoundation.gifTwo days ago, the Symbian Foundation were giving away, via twitter, beta logons for their new web site. Here’s a summary and a few observations on the new web site if you didn’t manage to get a logon.

The site consists of a Wiki (MediaWiki), a bug tracker (BugZilla), forums (vBulletin), code search (Open Grok), SCM (Mercurial) and site search (Google Search Appliance). It’s great to see use of established sub-systems. Previously, when it came to web sites/wikis/forums etc, Symbian had a habit of ‘rolling their own’ which caused things to be initially buggy and lack functionality.

It seems the site will offer two toolkits. The Application Development Toolkit (ADT) contains tools for application development, including the IDE, compiler, debugger and analysis tools. There’s a download there at the moment but it just includes the current Symbian 9.4 and S60 5th SDKs.

The Product Development Toolkit (PDT) isn’t available yet. The Product Development Tools will be used to create new devices or developing code to contribute to the platform and/or developing products to complement the platform. This includes software developers (board bring up, device-drivers, middleware, applications, defect fixing), test & quality assurance engineers and variant-creation engineers. The PDT is intended for use with the Product Development Kit which I assume is hardware.

If you search the source code using the Open Grok there just seems to be some browser/widget source code at the moment. There are also guidelines, roadmaps and policy documents that seem to be more formal versions of what’s available via the Symbian Foundation blog.

What’s there looks great. However, I wonder how consumer-facing the Symbian Foundation intends to be. Will Symbian Foundation also try to be a consumer brand? There’s no content there at the moment for consumers. Will there be a different or updated site to showcase applications (their store of stores or store API) and/or some kind of replacement for