Maemo Harmattan

maemo.gifI have been reading the rumours about Nokia’s Maemo Harmattan. Assuming this for real…

"Maemo was indeed headed for at least one Nokia phone. In fact, they say the eventual plan is to use Maemo to phase out S60 all together"

I have been a fan of Nokia Tablets ever since I purchased the 770. I always thought having a phone in the device was the missing element. Without it, it’s just a gadget for Geeks. With a phone inside, it could become something to challenge the iPhone and even S60.

While this news is welcomed, I do worry that this will be yet another phone OS. I suspect Nokia’s plan is to try and make Qt the main S60 development environment. There are clues in Symbian Foundation’s plan to make Qt’s Orbit UI a replacement for the current Symbian Avkon windows controls. Once this is done, in the very longer term, it might be easier to move developers over to Qt on Maemo.

All this sounds good in theory but my thought is that having Qt as a layer of abstraction over S60 and Maemo might not give developers enough control. Other frameworks/runtimes have shown that there will always be a substantial number of things that will necessitate coding directly on the platform. Then again, maybe Qt might be the first technology to break this trend.