Ovi Launch Crash

ovi.gifOvi launches today. I thought I’d give it a go on a N95. I downloaded via the Download! app and it told me the download was a massive 2984Kb… best use WiFi then!

After downloading and starting the install (v1.05 (212)) I got "Item Open Failed" but the install continued. At the end I got "Please reboot your device after installation"… This is very unusual and for a moment I thought I was using windows!

I rebooted the phone and started Ovi only to get "SecureWidgetUI System Error (-1)" and the app crashing. Nokia best fix this fast otherwise they are in for a huge PR nightmare. I wonder why the app is so large. Maybe it contains some kind of runtime or maybe lots of graphics. Either way, it seems very large for what’s just an ovi storefront.