Twitter Update

twitter.jpgI have been using twitter for just over a month now. I previously avoided it because I thought it would be a drain on my time. It turns out most people only tweet a few times a day so I have found it to be less of a distraction than I envisaged. Nevertheless, I have found it’s good to turn it off whenever I have something I really must complete.

I tend to tweet work related thoughts or articles I come across that might end up being part of a future blog post. I must admit I am disappointed with what most people tweet, often just being duplication of what someone else has tweeted. Also, if you use the search feature you usually just get lots of useless thoughts rather than anything new or enlightening. Hence, I think I am more of a tweet provider than a tweet consumer.

One tool I would recommend is TweetDeck (on the PC). It provides a great summary of your friends, replies and any direct messages.

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