MOMO London

momodec.jpgI attended the London Mobile Monday yesterday. The topic was mobile JAVA device fragmentation. Tom Hume and Mark Curtis gave a great summary of why it’s difficult to develop for ‘all’ mobile JAVA devices. Tom’s presentation can be downloaded here. Steve Devo explained why JAVA has evolved this way and the steps being taken to address this. Nick Allot from OMTP described OMTP’s activities and how they (hopefully) drive implementors and standards bodies. 

Things I took away from the meeting…

  • J2ME fragmentation makes mobile projects difficult 
  • Don’t discount WAP (or even SMS solutions) as these are easier, more flexible to change with time and are already set up for use on peoples’ phones
  • J2ME fragmentation isn’t likely to be reduced in the short term as measures currently being put in place will take several years to come to fruition
  • J2ME development implies doing lots of testing on target devices
  • Mobile development is always harder than first anticipated