Motorola and Android

moto.gifThere’s a thought provoking article at GLG asking whether Android will save Motorola’s mobile device unit.
The article asks…

"why canceling all work on Symbian, not joining the Symbian Foundation (open-source) and changing horse completely to go with android?… does Motorola really think that it will be easier to tackle head on a competition made of HTC and all the other handset manufacturers working on android, rather than nokia (major backer of Symbian Foundation)?"

I posted a link to this on twitter and AntonyEdwards came back with an interesting explanation…

"Motorola’s choice of Android over Symbian driven was by strong Qualcomm-Android tie. Moto like Q silicon. Moto CEO was Q COO."

Qualcomm hardware seems to be a strong driver at the moment. It also features in HTC’s future plans.