5o9 Location

509.gifMobile developers may be interested that 5o9 has developed a solution that allows BlackBerry and Windows Mobile device location to be made available to web sites without any native software development. A browser plugin provides location to web sites as well as allowing for customisation of browser menus to make navigation easier.

I contacted 5o9 to learn a bit more on how it works. Location is only sent when the browser is active and information is sent to web sites using http headers. There’s a data sheet showing the data exposed by the headers that includes device, owner and browser information as well as cellid and GPS position.

I happen to be working on a location application at the moment. I have been testing old and new phones side by side and I am surprised how much better newer devices are at getting location, especially indoors. Improved GPS with the newer, more affordable GPS devices means that the market for GPS applications might be reaching a tipping point.