Handango Yardstick H1 2009

handango.gifHandango have just released their Yardstick for the first half of 2009. The Yardstick gives some valuable statistics for mobile developers wondering which platform(s) to support.

In an email Handango sent (and their press releases), Handango say…

"BlackBerry surfaced as the dominant platform within the Handango smartphone content catalog, surpassing Windows Mobile and representing 44% of all apps sold, up from its 31% share in 2008".


If development enquiries are anything to go by, then yes, BlackBerry is very popular. In my opinion this is despite not having an iPhone-beating touch device (I have a Storm for development testing and I am not impressed) and despite the fact that the OS has always seemed to be to me (graphically but not technically) a bit of a toy OS. Maybe some end users find the ‘toy’ aspect compelling or maybe it’s because it’s sold as an email device and everyone loves email?

However, don’t forget that Handango is just one store. As the number of stores increases, the Handango statistics become more difficult to interpret.