Mobile Marketing

sms.jpgHelen Keegan has written a lengthy article on Mobile Marketing. It’s a great summary of ways you can implement mobile marketing.

Most applications I work on tend to be products that my clients have been selling stand-alone or part of a service. However, one or two have been marketing applications and I have found these have had a higher (commercial) success rate because of the following…

  • The applications (WAP, SMS, JAVA or Symbian) tend to be given away which encourages takeup
  • The development is usually (well) funded by a big brand
  • Big brands are currently hungry few new ideas based on phone applications
  • Applications have a limited lifetime well-suited to the limited lifetime of some popular phones (i.e. it’s possible to just support today’s popular phones and forget about forward and backward compatibility)
  • The requirements and timescales are linked to major marketing campaigns which means they have pace and don’t stagnate

However, the following need to be carefully managed to ensure users don’t get disillusioned…

  • Phone setup, particularly MMS, Mobile Internet and Bluetooth settings
  • MMS costs , SMS costs and (particularly) data costs