UK Statistics

revolution.gifIf you are a mobile developer in the UK you will be interested in Nielsen’s latest sales statistics for the UK.


Other interesting stuff…

  • There is still a large market to target with just one in seven Britons owning a smartphone
  • The number of people browsing the web on mobile increased 32 per cent between Q2 and Q3 to 10.4 million
  • Over four million people now download applications to their handset

While I knew Windows Mobile (partly represented by HTC) isn’t as popular as other platforms, I was surprised by these figures. When I travel up to London on the train, I sometimes see people with Windows Mobile devices. Maybe these are ‘legacy’ devices that were purchased in the past and are still being used.

Hence, I wouldn’t take what was sold in a quarter as necessarily being representative of what phones are currently being used. Other makes and models may have sold significant in numbers in the past.