Qt Not Fully Cross Platform

qt.gifThere has been some discussion on Maemo.org on how Qt is being developed in such a way that some Qt source code written for one platform won’t work on the other. It seems that different teams are working on the Maemo and Symbian aspects and, as such, each is doing things their own way.

While this is disappointing, it’s probably understandable given that Nokia need to get each platform fully working as soon as possible. For Symbian, the main driver for developers will be easier coding and I suspect cross-platform will be a smaller issue. In any case, I suspect a lot of the non-UI/non-framework code will be able to be shared.

This puts an end to the rumour, I heard at some mobile events, that Qt was being used as a migration technology so that Nokia can move slowly over to Linux. i.e. Nokia’s future built-in phone apps created with Qt won’t be able to be ‘instantly’ ported to Linux. The rumour sounded like a dubious and unrealistic idea anyway.