Why the Nexus One?

android.gifWith all the news on Google’s Nexus One I was tempted not to post anything about it – but then I had a few thoughts!

At first sight, the Nexus One isn’t different to the many other Android phones. As mentioned on O’Reilly radar, it seems that the Nexus One might do more harm (to the Android ecosystem) than good. So why has Google decided to sell its own Android phone? Also why did Google do so after seemingly strongly denying this for a long time?

First of all, it’s important to distinguish between making their own phone and selling their own phone. "We’re not making hardware" Rubin said. And they haven’t – HTC make the Nexus one.

My second thought is not to look at the Nexus One specification (as being similar to others) but to see it as being marketed by Google. As I said in a previous post, I was wrong about the cheap (Huawei-esque) Android devices dominating and instead it’s the brand-driven Droid that’s popular. The ‘man in the street’ knows Google but nothing about Android. The Nexus One (whether they buy it or not) will be their introduction to the Android phone. Maybe we should think of the Nexus One as more of a public PR exercise ready for the many non-Google Android phones that are sure to follow.