3 UK Meetup

three.gifI went to the 3MobileBuzz meetup last night. It was a gathering of bloggers, a few analysts and UK Hutchison 3G staff brought together by 1000 Heads who run the 3mobilebuzz web site. The idea of the event was to learn more about 3 and what’s coming up this year.

From a mobile developer perspective they will be introducing the Samsung Galaxy (Android) by the end of March. They have six Android devices planned in the medium term. It was interesting to learn that network data is still being dominated by PC dongles. Any contribution from Smartphones is small and is expected to remain negligible compared to dongle usage.

3 sees itself a differentiating though openness. For example, while some other networks are wary of Spotify, 3 has an open attitude. It was also interesting to know that 3 has tens of thousands of iPhones on its network even though it doesn’t sell them. People have moved from O2 when their expensive tariffs have expired.