Java ME under Oracle

I have been looking into what’s planned for Java ME now that, as of the end of January 2010, Oracle now owns Sun. The webcast on Java shows a summary:


This shows that it will be ‘business as usual’ for Java ME.

Oracle have also announced they will be unifying Java ME with Java SE to revive the "write once, run anywhere" ambition. I suspect the Android Java implementation has had something to do with this decision. It shows how close a mobile Java implementation can be to Java SE.

However, I am sceptical we will ever get "write once, run anywhere" not just between server and mobile but between mobile devices. Mobile device capability varies too much. A new ‘more Java SE’esque version of Java ME certainly wouldn’t be compatible with existing phone runtimes. Also, old Java ME applications wouldn’t be (source code) compatible.

Oracle’s plans mean that there is likely to be a large compatibility break in mobile Java in the coming years. A break to a newer, more capable mobile Java is certainly what’s needed. However, I question how long this is going to take?