Canalys 2009 Statistics

canalys.gifEarlier this week, Canalys released their latest smartphone statistics for 2009. For the first time, they have also created a sub-category for touch screen smartphones.

There are no surprises in the figures. I particularly liked the phrases "attracting developers to their chosen smart phone platforms is an ongoing challenge" and "make that platform more attractive for developers". It’s as though there are lots of developers like myself switching platforms and always looking for the next big thing.

In practice, all my work and many developers’ work is driven by brands, publishers, companies, large enterprises and even individuals who have nothing to do with IT or development. At the moment, these people are being driven by advertising, media articles about app stores and lots of hype. There are many applications being created by companies ‘because it’s cool’ rather than for any business-justified reason. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing (for the businesses). I have seen many examples where a high profile mobile application has raised the profile (and prospects) of the company as a whole, even if there wasn’t a business case for the app itself.