Wholesale Applications Community

wholesaleapplicationscommunity.gifThe news from WMC about the new Wholesale Applications Community sounds a lot like an extension of the news from last November.

While this is all very well meaning (I sincerely hope it would come to fruition), I still can’t help but question how browsers will evolve sufficiently (and together) to allow this to happen. There has been talk about web-based phone APIs for many years now and very little has really happened. Also, how will so many parties agree on anything? How does this mix with Nokia’s, Apple’s and Google’s aspirations in the browser space as well as application space?

As I mentioned in 2007, just because you have a web browser, doesn’t mean you remove fragmentation. The deeper you get into the phone, the more features you expose, the greater the number of differences you will expose (and inadvertently create). Also, as mentioned a year ago, it might also be difficult for the web-based phone API itself to maintain backward compatibility.

While all this might look great from a high level perspective, when you look at the details, it’s all very messy and not very achievable.