Gartner 2009 Statistics

gartner136.gifGarner have just released their phone sales statistics for 2009.

It’s interesting to see that Symbian has regained growth having previously seen a decline in sales between 2007 and 2008 (compare with 2008 stats). iPhone and BlackBerry continue to see strong growth. Android is seen for the first time as a significant platform rather than being grouped up in ‘Other OSs’.


The total of all platforms has seen large growth, despite a 0.9% decline in total phone sales in 2009. Smartphones represented 14.2% of the phones sold in 2009. In the coming years, with a greater proportion of phones sold becoming smartphones, there’s still a very large proportion of the market available for the taking by any (or all) platforms. It will be interesting to see these figures next year when Samsung’s Bada will convert many of its, what would have been, dumb phones to Smartphones.