Apps for Phones that Aren’t Owned

recess.gifLast November I wrote about the opportunities provided by vertical applications and how these might have a longer life than many of the applications on today’s application stores.

Recess Mobile have emailed me about their RecessApp that describes one such vertical application…

"Let’s say you walk into a restaurant on a busy Saturday night and instead of the hostess handing you a flashing buzzer pager, you just provide your cell phone number and the restaurant sends you a text when your table is ready. This allows you to browse nearby stores and do some shopping while you wait, all the while saving restaurants thousands of dollars each year because they don’t have to replace those expensive pagers. All a restaurant needs is a $200 iPod Touch and an internet connection and they have a full-blown restaurant paging system sending texts to any cell phone."

There are many possibilities for applications such as this where the phone isn’t actually owned by anyone and becomes an inexpensive platform upon which to implement innovative services.

Taking this further, some applications might have both sides of the phone communication not owned by anyone. The machines might be ‘doing their own thing’ without the end user knowing or caring they are connected. This is Machine to Machine (M2M) that some people believe is going to be huge in the coming years.

Northstream have a very recent white paper on the revenue opportunity for M2M (pdf). Check out their other mobile white papers while you are there.


The white papers talks about the recent drivers for M2M and the industry verticals where it can provide for improved operational efficiency.