Enterprise Apps

visagemobile.gifFollowing on from Friday’s post that smartphone users may number 970 million by 2013, I have been thinking through whether this might happen and, if so, what sectors might see the most growth.

It seems that Apple and Google have the capability to make this happen. At the MWC, Google talked about ‘Mobile First’

"When we announce new services for desktop computers, such as real-time search, we will debut an equally powerful mobile version."

Meanwhile, Apple are already stating they they are now a mobile-device company

"The vast majority of Apple’s revenue now comes from mobile-device sales or from content for those devices, and not from its Macintosh"

One sector that might see significant growth is enterprise mobile. Recent research from Visage Mobile showed  that workers who use internet-enabled mobile devices from the road tend to prefer smartphones to laptop PCs…

"63 percent of the 695 mobile employees that responded to the survey said they would rather use a smartphone than a laptop as a primary mobile device."

Only yesterday, there was a rumour that Google might be launching an Android Business App Market.