Future Opportunities in Mobile

gartner136Current opportunities in mobile have been driven by the huge growth in mobile device shipments. So, what types of connected devices are people using now and how is this likely to change in the next few years?

Gartner has some new research that shows that while the PC market will decline about 4% this year it will recover in 2016 and grow in 2017. However, the non-phone market of 540 million devices/yr is small compared to the mobile phone market which is 1,940 million devices/yr. By 2,107 these are expected to be 566 million/yr and 2,628 million/yr respectively.


What does this mean for developers? We have reached a period of relative stability where both the PC and phone markets have levelled off. If you develop generic apps for the PC/Mac or for mobile you can expect your market to remain about the same size for the next few years.

I believe that if you are seeking growth areas then you need to be more specialised and also look for B2B or white label opportunities. Health, insurance, retail, interfacing with IoT devices, security, cloud and big data seem to be the obvious areas.

RIoTboard Android 4.3 Board

RIoTboard is a new board that supports Android 4.3 out of the box. It’s pitched as "revolutionizing the Internet of Things" but it’s really just a single board computer. Nevertheless, it’s an interesting platform for experimentation and perhaps commercialisation.


For more details visit the web site, the product spec, the data sheet, and the forum. Farnell, in the UK, have it available for £46.55 (about $76) + vat.