Android Phablet Market Share Doubled

nielsenNielsen has new research that shows large screen Android smartphones (phablets) doubled market share over the last 18 months. Interestingly, phablet users use their phones more…

“Phablet owners are 28% more likely than all Android+ users to report having played online games and 33% more likely to have consumed video content in the past 30 days”


From a development viewpoint, as I mentioned a few months ago, the rise of phablets probably has implications on how we might design apps to make best use of these larger screen sizes.

Tablets, Phablets and Whether To Design for Larger Screens

IDC has some new research that shows that the tablet market has continued to contract due to competition from alternative devices…










What does this mean for developers? At first sight it might mean that it’s less viable to create tablet-specific apps or tablet-specific screens layouts. However, the IDC research suggests that “Cellular-enabled tablets are outgrowing the rest of the market”. Statistics from Flurry show that these devices, better known as phablets, tripled their share of active users over the last few months…


However, if you compare iOS and Android then the latter has by far the larger proportion of phablet users…











The large proportion (36%) of phablet users on Android suggests that particularly Android developers should still be considering how to make the most of larger screen sizes.

Smartphone/Tablet Demographics and Predictions

deloitte.gifDeloitte have a new free report (pdf) on their Technology, Media & Telecommunications Predictions 2014. While the report’s emphasis is on predictions, there are lots of current numbers to back up the trends. Topics include how smartphones and tablets are likely to be the main engines of growth in the living room ecosystem, how there has been a surge in ‘compact’ (small) tablets and why phablets are not a fad. 


There are charts of smartphone penetration by age as well as more detailed information such as weekly IM usage and weekly social network usage. At the end of the report there’s a section on ruggedised devices and how $250 rugged devices are likely to ignite the business case for enterprise rugged solutions.