Mobile Market Research

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Here’s my list of links to older mobile market research. Some of the old links from as far back as 2004 no longer work. However, I have kept them because the titles hold some information. It’s also often possible to use the WayBackMachine to find the original article. (Right click a link and do ‘Copy Shortcut’ in Internet Explorer, ‘Copy Link Location’ in Firefox, ‘Copy link address’ in Chrome and paste the address into the WayBackMachine.)

Source Date Link
Canalys June 2013 Half a billion PCs to ship in 2013 as tablet sales rocket
Canalys June 2013 Over 1 billion Android-based smart phones to ship in 2017
Gartner June 2013 At Least 60 Percent of Information Workers Will Interact With Content Applications via a Mobile Device by 2015
Gartner June 2013 Worldwide Mobile Payment Transaction Value to Surpass $235 Billion in 2013
IDC June 2013 The Western European Mobile Phone Market Declines in 1Q13, Driven by the Smartphone Slowdown
IDC June 2013 Smart Connected Devices in Emerging Markets to Surpass 1 Billion Unit Shipments by 2014 with More Than 60% Going to BRIC Countries
IDC June 2013 Tablet Shipments into the U.S. Education Sector Expanded by 103% in 2012 with Greater Adoption Yet to Come
Juniper Networks June 2013 Security Research Shows Mobile Attackers Continue to Reap Rewards as Attacks Grow More Calculated
Juniper June 2013 Mobile Commerce Transactions to Exceed $3.2 Trillion by 2017, Driven by Banking
Juniper June 2013 Mobile Ticketing Users to Approach 1bn by 2018
Canalys May 2013 Top iOS and Android apps largely absent on Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10
Canalys May 2013 Smart mobile device shipments exceed 300 million in Q1 2013
IDC May 2013 Smartphones Expected to Grow 32.7% in 2013 Fueled By Declining Prices and Strong Emerging Market Demand
IDC May 2013 IDC Forecasts Worldwide Tablet Shipments to Surpass Portable PC Shipments in 2013
IDC May 2013 Android and iOS Combine for 92.3% of All Smartphone Operating System Shipments in the First Quarter While Windows Phone Leapfrogs BlackBerry
IDC May 2013 Worldwide Tablet Market Surges Ahead on Strong First Quarter Sales
Juniper May 2013 Mobile Content Revenues Expected to Rise From More Than $40bn This Year to $65bn in 2016
IDC April 2013 More Smartphones Were Shipped in Q1 2013 Than Feature Phones
Canalys April 2013 11% quarterly growth in downloads for leading app stores
IDC April 2013 For Mobile Advertising Networks, Era of Dominance Is Over
Juniper April 2013 Smartphone Shipments Reach Almost 200m in Q1 2013, with Samsung on the Rise
Gartner March 2013 Mobility Is Reshaping Consumer Gadget Spending and Behavior
IDC March 2013 Worldwide Smart Connected Device Market Crossed 1 Billion Shipments in 2012, Apple Pulls Near Samsung in Fourth Quarter
IDC March 2013 Low Cost Products Drive Forecast Increases in the Tablet Market
IDC March 2013 Smartphones Expected to Outship Feature Phones for First Time in 2013
IDC March 2013 Mobility Reigns as the Smart Connected Device Market Rises 29.1% in 2012 Driven By Tablet and Smartphone Growth
Canalys February 2013 Mobile device market to reach 2.6 billion units by 2016
Canalys February 2013 Android powered a third of all mobile phones shipped in Q4 2012
Gartner February 2013 Worldwide Mobile Phone Sales Declined 1.7 Percent in 2012
IDC February 2013 Android and iOS Combine for 91.1% of the Worldwide Smartphone OS Market in 4Q12 and 87.6% for the Year
IDC February 2013 Analysis of Tablet and Smartphone Users Debunks Printing, Scanning, and Document Management Myths
IDC Gartner 2013 Worldwide Mobile Advertising Revenue to Reach $11.4 Billion in 2013
IDC January 2013 Tablet Shipments Soar to Record Levels During Strong Holiday Quarter
Juniper January 2013 Ten Billion Mobile Coupons To Be Redeemed This Year, Up 50% on 2012
Juniper January 2013 Smartphone Shipments Exceed 200 Million in Q4 2012, as Samsung Accounted for One in Three Shipments for the Year
Juniper January 2013 Retailers to Spend $55bn Annually on Mobile Marketing by 2015
IDC January 2013 Strong Demand for Smartphones and Heated Vendor Competition Characterize the Worldwide Mobile Phone Market at the End of 2012
Gartner December 2012 By 2015, One-Third of Consumer Brands Will Integrate Payment Into Their Branded Mobile Apps
Juniper December 2012 Mobile NFC Growth Forecast Scaled Back to $110bn in Transactions by 2017 as iPhone 5 Omits Chipset
IDC December 2012 Worldwide Smart Connected Device Market, Led by Samsung and Apple, Grew 27.1% in the Third Quarter
IDC December 2012 IDC Raises Tablet Forecast for 2012 and Beyond As iOS Picks Up Steam, Android Gains Traction, and Windows Finally Enters the Market
IDC December 2012 Worldwide Mobile Phone Growth Expected to Drop to 1.4% in 2012 Despite Continued Growth Of Smartphones
Canalys November 2012 Sony and HTC overtake RIM and Nokia in smart phones
Gartner November 2012 By 2014, 80 Percent of Current Gamified Applications Will Fail to Meet Business Objectives Primarily Due to Poor Design
Gartner November 2012 Worldwide Sales of Mobile Phones Declined 3 Percent in Third Quarter of 2012; Smartphone Sales Increased 47 Percent
Juniper November 2012 Augmented Reality Mobile Apps to Generate Nearly $300mn in Revenues Next Year
IDC November 2012 Android Tablets Gain Momentum in the Third Quarter, Expectations Remain High for the Holiday Quarter
IDC November 2012 Android Marks Fourth Anniversary Since Launch with 75.0% Market Share in Third Quarter
IDC October 2012 Consumers Increasingly Using Mobile Devices as Their Default Gateway to the Internet
IDC October 2012 Smart Connected Device Shipments to Grow by 14% Annually Through 2016, Led by Tablets and Smartphones
Juniper October 2012 Q3 Smartphone Shipments Exceed 157m, with Samsung Cementing Place as the World’s No:1
Juniper October 2012 Mobile Shopper Numbers to Increase by 50% in Two Years
Canalys September 2012 Smart phone and pad forecasts show varying OS fortunes
Gartner September 2012 Free Apps Will Account for Nearly 90 Percent of Total Mobile App Store Downloads in 2012
IDC September 2012 Samsung Dominates the Western European Phone Market, Apple Impacted by New iPhone Rumors, and Nokia Stabilizes its Market Share in 2Q12
IDC September 2012 Android and iOS Surge to New Smartphone OS Record in Second Quarter
IDC August 2012 Dramatically Different Usage Patterns Between Key Mobile Commerce App Types
Juniper August 2012 Mobile Payments to Reach $1.3tn Annually by 2017, as NFC and Physical Goods Sales Accelerate
Juniper August 2012 Mobile Messaging Adspend to Reach $7.4bn by 2017, Driven By Increased Use of Location-Based Ads
Gartner August 2012 Cloud, Mobility and Open Source Will Drive Application Development Market to Exceed $9 Billion in 2012
Gartner August 2012 Worldwide Sales of Mobile Phones Declined 2.3 Percent in Second Quarter of 2012
IDC August 2012 Android and iOS Surge to New Smartphone OS Record in Second Quarter
IDC August 2012 Strong Apple Shipments Drive Robust Tablet Market Growth in Second Quarter
IDC July 2012 Strong Demand for Smartphones in Second Quarter Continues to Drive the Worldwide Mobile Phone Market
Juniper July 2012 Strong Sales of Galaxy S3 Helps Extend Samsung’s Lead over Apple in Smartphone Market
Juniper July 2012 Mobile Search & Discovery Market to generate $15bn by 2017, Driven by High-Value Clicks
Juniper July 2012 NFC Mobile Payments set to Exceed $180bn Worldwide by 2017 as NFC Becomes Standard
IDC July 2012 Mobile Report Shows Clear Move to the Enterprise for Mobile App Developers
Canalys July 2012 Enterprise mobility adds complexity, creating opportunities for channel partners
Juniper June 2012 Games and Infotainment to Drive Mobile Entertainment Revenues to $65bn by 2016
IDC June 2012 Enterprises Need to Review their Mobile Security Policies as Mobile Banking and Payments Increase in Popularity
Gartner June 2012 Gartner Identifies Organizational Implications of the Rise of Mobile Devices
Gartner June 2012 Gartner Identifies 10 Mistakes That Lead to Mobile Customer Service Failure
Canalys June 2012 Top app stores risk losing control of app discovery
IDC June 2012 Android Expected to Reach Its Peak This Year as Mobile Phone Shipments Slow
IDC June 2012 Study Examines Enterprise Mobile Device Policies
IDC May 2012 Western European Mobile Phone Market Returns to Growth in 1Q12, Fueled by Strong Demand for Android Devices
Canalys May 2012 China overtakes US as largest smart phone market
IDC May 2012 Mobile Device Management Is Essential for IT Success
IDC May 2012 Worldwide Sales of Mobile Phones Declined 2 Percent in First Quarter of 2012
Gartner May 2012 Gartner Says Worldwide Mobile Payment Transaction Value to Surpass $171.5 Billion
IDC May 2012 Android- and iOS-Powered Smartphones Expand Their Share of the Market in the First Quarter
IDC May 2012 IDC Highlights Key Milestones in Mobile HTML5 Development Update
IDC May 2012 Apple Shines, But Slumping Android Shipments Lead to Disappointing First Quarter for Media Tablets
IDC May 2012 Worldwide Smartphone Market Continues to Soar, Carrying Samsung Into the Top Position in Total Mobile Phone and Smartphone Shipments
IDC March 2012 Nearly 1 Billion Smart Connected Devices Shipped in 2011 with Shipments Expected to Double by 2016
IDC March 2012 Media Tablet Shipments Outpace Fourth Quarter Targets; Strong Demand for New iPad and Other Forthcoming Products Leads to Increase in 2012 Forecast
Juniper March 2012 Games Revenues from Tablets to Reach Over $3bn by 2014
Juniper March 2012 Nearly 1 in 10 Mobile Users to Pay Bills via Their Mobile by 2016
IDC February 2012 European Enterprises Will Significantly Increase Investment in Mobile Applications Over the Next Five years
Juniper February 2012 Consumer Mobile App Revenues to Pass $50bn by 2016 Fuelled by Smartphone & Tablet Growth
IDC February 2012 Smartphone Market Hits All-Time Quarterly High Due To Seasonal Strength and Wider Variety of Offerings
Gartner February 2012 Worldwide Smartphone Sales Soared in Fourth Quarter of 2011 With 47 Percent Growth
Canalys February 2012 Android apps are too expensive
Canalys February 2012 Smart phones overtake client PCs in 2011
IDC February 2012 Worldwide Mobile Phone Market Maintains Its Growth Trajectory in the Fourth Quarter Despite Soft Demand for Feature Phones
Canalys February 2012 Top smart phone vendors hit record volumes in Q4
IDC January 2012 Target ‘Tech Evangelists’ for Maximum ROI in the Mobile App Market
IDC January 2012 Mobile Worker Population to Reach 1.3 Billion by 2015
Nielsen January 2012 More US Consumers Choosing Smartphones as Apple Closes the Gap on Android
Nielsen January 2012 Consumers OK with Ads… if the Apps are Free
Nielsen December 2011 The Rise of Smartphones, Apps and the Mobile Web
Pew December 2011 Global Digital Communication: Texting, Social Networking Popular Worldwide
IDC December 2011 Media Tablet Shipments Miss Third Quarter Targets, But New Entrants and Holiday Demand Will Spark Fourth Quarter Growth
IDC December 2011 2012 Will Be the Year of Mobile and Cloud Platform Wars as IT Vendors Vie for Leadership While the Industry Redefines Itself
Nielsen November 2011 Android Phones and iPhones Dominating App Downloads in the US
Nielsen November 2011 62% of Mobile Users 25-34 own Smartphones
IDC November 2011 Amazon Kindle Launching as Leading Android Tablet for Developers in North America
IDC November 2011 Samsung Takes Top Spot as Smartphone Market Grows 42.6% in the Third Quarter
IDC November 2011 Worldwide Mobile Phone Market Experiences Slower Growth as Smartphone Purchases Soften in the Third Quarter
Gartner November 2011 Consumerization Will Drive At Least Four Mobile Management Styles
Gartner November 2011 Sales of Mobile Devices Grew 5.6 Percent in Third Quarter of 2011; Smartphone Sales Increased 42 Percent
Gartner November 2011 CIOs Must Ensure that Second Generation Mobile Strategies Focus on Innovation
Gartner November 2011 Top 10 Commercial Business Applications for Tablet Devices
Canalys October 2011 HTC takes the lead in the US smart phone market
Nielsen October 2011 40% of Tablet and Smartphone Owners Use Them While Watching TV
IDC October 2011 Media Tablets a Workspace Change Catalyst 
IDC September 2011 Apple Will Maintain Dominance in the Media Tablet Market in 2011 as Demand Continues to Soar in EMEA
IDC September 2011 Media Tablet and eReader Markets Beat Second Quarter Targets
Gartner October 2011 How the iPad and Media Tablets Are Impacting the Future of Computing
Juniper September 2011 Mobile Consumer Cloud Revenues to Reach $6.5bn by 2016 Driven by Music and Video Services
Yankee Group September 2011 Android Piracy: How Republished Apps Steal Revenue and Increase Costs
IDC September 2011 Strategies and Opportunities in Mobile Application Development Life-cycle Services
IDC September 2011 More Mobile Internet Users Than Wireline Users in the U.S. by 2015
IDC September 2011 Smartphones Outstrip Feature Phones for First Time in Western Europe as Android Sees Strong Growth in 2Q11
Juniper August 2011 Mobile Video Calling Users to Exceed 130 Million by 2016
Juniper August 2011 Press Release: Mobile Security Software Revenues to Increase Six Fold to $3.7bn by 2016, Driven by the Business Demand
IDC August 2011 Google+ and Apple iCloud Bring Mobile Platform Battle to the Cloud 
IDC August 2011 Retailers Increase Focus on Mobile Applications to Enhance Customer Loyalty
Gartner August 2011 Sales of Mobile Devices in Second Quarter of 2011 Grew 16.5 Percent Year-on-Year; Smartphone Sales Grew 74 Percent
Nielsen August 2011 Mobile Apps Beat the Mobile Web Among US Android Smartphone Users
Gartner August 2011 Worldwide Mobile Connections Will Reach 5.6 Billion in 2011 as Mobile Data Services Revenue Totals $314.7 Billion
Canalys August 2011 Android takes almost 50% share of worldwide smart phone market
Ipsos/Google  July 2011 Mobile Consumer Evolution
Gartner July 2011 Worldwide Mobile Payment Users to Reach 141 Million in 2011
Juniper July 2011 M2M (Machine-to-Machine) Roll Outs Supported by Smart Metering as Market Reaches over 400m Connected Devices by 2016
Canalys June 2011 App stores’ direct revenue to exceed $14 billion next year and reach close to $37 billion by 2015
IDC June 2011 Worldwide Smartphone Market Expected to Grow 55% in 2011 and Approach Shipments of One Billion in 2015
Gartner June 2011 Worldwide Mobile Advertising Revenue Forecast to Reach $3.3 Billion in 2011
Lightspeed June 2011 M-Commerce
Juniper May 2011 M2M to Generate $35bn in Service Revenues by 2016, Driven by Automotive Telematics and Consumer Electronics
Juniper May 2011 Juniper Research Points to Counter Terrorism as Key Growth Opportunity for Mobile Augmented Reality
Canalys May 2011 Android increases smart phone market leadership with 35% share
IDC May 2011 Samsung Overtakes Nokia in Western Europe to Become Number 1 in the Mobile Phone Market in 1Q11; Apple Becomes Number 1 in the Smartphone Segment
IDC May 2011 Smartphone Market Grows 79.7% Year Over Year in First Quarter of 2011
Gartner May 2011 428 Million Mobile Communication Devices Sold Worldwide in First Quarter 2011, a 19 Percent Increase Year-on-Year
Juniper April 2011 Mobile Entertainment Market to Grow by 15% in 2011 Despite Global Economic Uncertainty
IDC April 2011 Worldwide Mobile Phone Market Grew Nearly 20% in the First Quarter; Smartphones and Vendors Outside the Top 5 Keys to Growth
Gartner April 2011 Apple iOS to Dominate the Media Tablet Market Through 2015, Owning More Than Half of It for the Next Three Years
Gartner April 2011 Android to Command Nearly Half of Worldwide Smartphone Operating System Market by Year-End 2012
ABI April 2011 Nokia’s Decline in Smartphone Shipments Offsets Apple’s and Samsung’s Gains
ABI April 2011 44 Billion Mobile App Downloads by 2016
ABI April 2011 Mobile Operators’ Deals with M2M Application Developers Promise Lower Module Prices
IDC April 2011 Apple Shines, Google Slows, and Microsoft Edges RIM in Battle for Mobile Developer Mindshare
Juniper March 2011 Mobile Music Subscribers to Reach 178 million by 2015 as Emerging Markets Embrace Music on the Move
Juniper March 2011 Mobiles to Become Tickets as 1 in 8 Mobile Users Expected to Use Mobile Ticketing by 2015
Juniper March 2011 Mobile Entertainment Service Revenues to Reach $54 billion by 2015 Propelled by Surge in Consumer Smartphone Adoption
IDC March 2011 IDC Forecasts Worldwide Smartphone Market to Grow by Nearly 50% in 2011
Gartner March 2011 By 2015, Digital Strategies, Such as Social and Mobile Marketing, Will Influence at Least 80 Percent of Consumers’ Discretionary Spending
ABI March 2011 Android Will Seize 45% of Smartphone Market by 2016
ABI March 2011 Mobile Phones for Messaging Will Grow to a Third of Feature Phone Shipments by 2015
ABI March 2011 Mobile Cloud-Based Music Streaming Services Will Be Mainstream by 2016
ABI March 2011 Mobile Applications Downloads Approached Eight Billion in 2010
ABI March 2011 Mobile Apps, Watches and Apparel Will Spur Outdoor, Sports and Fitness GPS to $2bn in 2016
ABI March 2011 Smartphones to Drive Enterprise Data Plan Revenues to $102bn in 2016
IDC March 2011 Android Explodes in Western Europe, Drives Market Growth and Becomes the Biggest Smartphone Operating System in 4Q10
IDC February 2011 Android Rises, Symbian^3 and Windows Phone 7 Launch as Worldwide Smartphone Shipments Increase 87.2% Year Over Year 
Gartner February 2011 U.S. Consumers More Likely to Purchase a Smartphone Than Other Consumer Devices in 2011
Gartner February 2011 10 Consumer Mobile Applications to Watch in 2012
ABI February 2011 With 24% Share of Smartphones, Android Will Outshine Nokisoft
ABI February 2011 Augmented Reality-Enabled Mobile Apps Are Key to AR Growth
Gartner February 2011 Worldwide Mobile Device Sales to End Users Reached 1.6 Billion Units in 2010; Smartphone Sales Grew 72 Percent in 2010
IDC January 2011 Mobile Phone Market Grows 17.9% in Fourth Quarter, According to IDC 
ABI January 2011 Apple, RIM and HTC Win Big in 2010 Mobile Handset Race
ABI January 2011 Time for Digital Content Owners to Monetize Their Assets through Mobile Marketing
IDC January 2011 Tablet Onslaught Reprioritizes Development Efforts as Businesses Accelerate Mobile App Strategies
Canalys January 2011 Google’s Android becomes the world’s leading smart phone platform
Canalys January 2011 Canalys predicts Android will grow more than twice the rate of major competitors in 2011
Gartner January 2011 Gartner Says Worldwide Mobile Application Store Revenue Forecast to Surpass $15 Billion in 2011
Juniper January 2011 Number of Entry-Level Smartphones to reach over 185 million by 2015, driven by Operator Own-Brand Initiatives and Falling Prices
ABI December 2010 Mobile Form Factor Will Bring 3D to Mainstream Market
ABI December 2010 Mobile Commerce Sales Explode in United States: Will Top $3.4 Billion in 2010
ABI December 2010 Growing Mobile Marketing and Advertising Revenue Will Approach $1.5 Billion in 2016
ABI December 2010 Nearly 50% of Smartphone Owners Use (or Plan to Use) Their Phones for Mobile Shopping: Survey Finding
IDC December 2010 Android Drives Smartphone Growth in Western Europe and Ramps Up to Overtake Symbian and Become Biggest Smartphone OS in 2011
IDC December 2010 IDC Forecasts Worldwide Mobile Applications Revenues to Experience More Than 60% Compound Annual Growth Through 2014 
IDC December 2010 The tides have turned, Apple becomes number 1 as three in five new mobiles are now smartphones
Gartner November 2010 Worldwide Mobile Phone Sales Grew 35 Percent in Third Quarter 2010; Smartphone Sales Increased 96 Percent
Canalys November 2010 Apple takes the lead in the US smart phone market with a 26% share
IDC November 2010 Worldwide Smartphone Market Grows 89.5% Year Over Year in Third Quarter As New Devices Launch
ABI November 2010 Competitors May Erode RIM’s Enterprise Smartphone Market Share, but BlackBerry Will Claim Top Spot in 2015
ABI October 2010 Handset Market Delivers a Robust 346.2 Million in 3Q-2010 but Vendors Scrabble for Components
ABI October 2010 19% of All Mobile Phones Shipped in 2Q Were Smartphones
IDC October 2010 Apple Joins Top Five Mobile Phone Vendors as Worldwide Market Grows Nearly 15% in Third Quarter
IDC September 2010 Western European Mobile Phone Market Growth Sustained by Smartphones in 2Q10, With Android the Strongest Contributor to Growth
Gartner September 2010 Android to Become No. 2 Worldwide Mobile Operating System in 2010 and Challenge Symbian for No. 1 Position by 2014
IDC August 2010 Android Partners Post Highest Second-Quarter Growth Rates Among Smartphone Vendors
ABI August 2010 Mobile Applications a Two-Horse Race, with iOS and Android Pulling Away
ABI August 2010 Mobile Data Usage Grows Exponentially but Data Revenue Lags
Canalys August 2010 Android smart phone shipments grow 886% year-on-year in Q2 2010
IDC July 2010 Mobile Phone Demand Expands 14.5% as Market Fragments; Top 5 Pressured by Challengers
ABI July 2010 More than 321 Million Handsets Shipped Globally in 2Q-2010
ABI July 2010 Marketers Should Wake Up to the Potential of Mobile
IDC July 2010 New IDC Financial Insights Survey Shows Mobile Banking Usage Nearly Doubled Since Last Year
Juniper July 2010 Mobile App Store Downloads to Reach 25 billion by 2015
IDC June 2010 Western European Mobile Phone Market Grows, Dominated by Unprecedented Growth in Smartphones in 1Q10
Gartner June 2010 Number of Worldwide Mobile Payment Users to Reach 108.6 Million in 2010
ABI June 2010 More than 55 Million Smartphone Shipments in the First Quarter of 2010
Juniper June 2010 Mobile Apps Revenues to Exceed $30 billion by 2015
IDC May 2010 Worldwide Converged Mobile Device (Smartphone) Market Grows 56.7% Year Over Year in First Quarter of 2010
Gartner May 2010 Worldwide Mobile Phone Sales Grew 17 Per Cent in First Quarter 2010
Gartner May 2010 Worldwide Mobile Gaming Revenue to Grow 19 Percent in 2010
Canalys May 2010 Global smart phone market growth rises to 67%
Juniper April 2010 Revenues from mobile health monitoring to reach $1.9 billion globally by 2014
Canalys April 2010 Appeal of social networking phones limited without additional features
Gartner March 2010 10 Mobile Technologies to Watch in 2010 and 2011
Strategy Analytics March 2010 Apple iPhone Owners Most Likely to Repeat Purchase
T-Mobile UK February 2010 How smartphones are changing the way we live, think and feel (PDF)
Juniper February 2010 Embedded Mobile & M2M Device revenues to rise to almost $19 billion globally by 2014
Juniper February 2010 15bn tickets to be delivered via Mobile Phone by 2014
Canalys February 2010 Majority of smart phones now have touch screens
IDC February 2010 Worldwide Converged Mobile Device Market Grows 39.0% Year Over Year in Fourth Quarter
Strategy Analytics January 2010 Connected Devices Fuel 1 Billion New Mobile Broadband Subs by 2014
Juniper January 2010 Mobile Cloud Application Revenues To Hit $9.5 billion by 2014, Driven by Converged Mobile Services
Juniper January 2010 Mobile Augmented Reality App Downloads to pass 400 million annually by 2014 as Apps Stores and AR-enabled Smartphones Surge
Gartner January 2010 Consumers Will Spend $6.2 Billion in Mobile Application Stores in 2010
IDC January 2010 Android Will Be the #2 Mobile Operating System by 2013
Juniper January 2010 Number of Mobile Devices with Third Party Security installed to rise to 77 million globally by 2014
IDC December 2009 Number of Mobile Devices Accessing the Internet Expected to Surpass One Billion by 2013
Gartner December 2009 Worldwide Mobile Device Sales on Pace for Flat Growth in 2009
Juniper December 2009 Mobile Coupon usage to triple exceeding 300 million people globally by 2014
Strategy Analytics December 2009 Mobile Browsing Causes Handset Data Traffic Jam
Strategy Analytics November 2009 Smartphone Owners Lead Rise in Mobile Internet Usage
Canalys November 2009 Smart phone market shows modest growth in Q3
Canalys November 2009 Survey reveals extent of shift in mobile UI preferences
Juniper November 2009 Personal Marketing Comes of Age with 3 million Britons Now Redeeming Coupons via Their Mobile Phone
Juniper November 2009 1 in 6 mobile subscribers to have NFC Mobile Phones by 2014
IDC November 2009 Worldwide Converged Mobile Device (Smartphone) Market Continues To Grow Despite Economic Malaise
Strategy Analytics October 2009 Global Wireless Carriers Reach beyond Phones for Growth
Juniper October 2009 Symbian Handset Shipments to Reach 180m by 2014, Despite Increasing Popularity of Emerging OS Platforms
IDC October 2009 Mobile Phone Market Turns Corner in Third Quarter, More Gains Expected in Q4, According to IDC
Strategy Analytics October 2009 Mobile Computing Devices, Handsets Drive 409 Million Units Wi-Fi Device Market
Strategy Analytics October 2009 Smartphone Owners Use Less than Six Applications Regularly
Juniper September 2009 NFC Mobile Payments to Exceed $30bn by 2012, Supported by Revenues from Mobile Coupons and Smart Posters
iSuppli September 2009 Smart Phones to Surpass PNDs in Navigation Market in 2014
Chetan Sharma August 2009 US Wireless Data Market Update – Q2 2009
Canalys August 2009 Smart phones defy slowdown
Gartner August 2009 Worldwide Mobile Phone Sales Declined 6 Per Cent and Smartphones Grew 27 Per Cent in Second Quarter of 2009
Frost & Sullivan August 2009 Smartphone Downloads from All App Stores to Reach 6.67 Billion in 2014
Juniper August 2009 Sharp Increase in Mobile Internet Adspend Expected, with Revenues Approaching $2bn by 2014
ABI Research August 2009 Europe Leads Mobile Managed Services Market at Nearly $9 Billion
ABI Research August 2009 Wi-Fi-Enabled Phone Shipments Continue to Double Every Two Years
ABI Research August 2009 Cellular Modems US Survey: ABI Research Finds Uptake Limited by Service Cost
ABI Research August 2009 Managed Wireless Security Services Market to Top $1 Billion in 2014
ABI Research  July 2009 Mobile Handset Inventories Bulk Up, Operators and Distributors Go Shopping for 269 Million Handsets
ABI Research  July 2009 Entry-level Mobile Phone Markets to Enjoy 24% Annual Growth through 2014
ABI Research  July 2009 170 Million Mobile Subscribers Will Make Domestic Person To Person Payments in 2011
ABI Research  July 2009 Global Handset Navigation Subscriber Base to Grow to 26 Million by 2010
Pyramid Research July 2009 Mobile Gaming in Emerging Markets
Juniper July 2009 Annual Mobile Application Downloads to Hit 20 billion by 2014
ABI Research June 2009 Worldwide Mobile Services Revenue to Grow at Least 1.2% Annually Through 2014
ABI Research June 2009 Worldwide Mobile Phone Market Declined 11.9% in the First Quarter of 2009
Juniper June 2009 Ad-funded MMS revenues to hit $87 million by 2014 
Juniper June 2009 Mobile Advertising Bucks Downward Trend in Adspend exceeding $6bn by 2014
Juniper May 2009 Freemium Model to Predominate in Mobile Apps with VAS revenues Reaching $14bn by 2014
Gartner May 2009 Number of Mobile Payment Users Worldwide to Increase 70 Percent in 2009
Gartner May 2009 Worldwide Mobile Phone Sales Declined 8.6 Per Cent and Smartphones Grew 12.7 Per Cent in First Quarter of 2009
ABI Research April 2009 Mobile Handset Market Stays Afloat with 258 Million Shipped in 1Q-2009
ABI Research April 2009 Great Expectations: Would You Look for a Touchscreen on a $50 Mobile Phone?
Juniper April 2009 Mobile Application Revenues to reach $25bn by 2014 as Apps Stores Hit Mass Market
Gartner March 2009 Worldwide Mobile Phone Sales Grew 6 Per Cent in 2008, But Sales Declined 5 Per Cent in the Fourth Quarter
Canalys March 2009 Mobile phone usage relatively safe from spending cutbacks
ABI Research February 2009 Buying Mobile Applications: 17% of US Smartphone Survey Respondents Spent More Than $100 Last Year
ABI Research February 2009 Nearly Half of Respondents View MIDs as Cell Phone Replacements
Gartner February 2009 Enterprise Mobile Phones Will Replace Desktop Phones in North America by 2011
Gartner February 2009 Eight Mobile Technologies to Watch in 2009 and 2010
ABI Research January 2009 Enter the Year of the Smartphone: 171 Million and Rising
ABI Research January 2009 GPS-enabled Handsets Expected to Bypass the Economic Downturn
ABI Research January 2009 Nearly Half a Billion Mobile Financial Services Customers in 2013
Informa December 2008 5 billion mobile subscribers to generate $1 trillion in revenues by 2013
Juniper December 2008 Mobile Betting to Hit $3.6bn in 2009, Beating Global Recession, According to Juniper Research
Juniper December 2008 Resilient Mobile Adult Content Market to Reach $5bn by 2013, Driven by Video Chat Services
Juniper November 2008 Mobile Games Market to Reach $10bn by 2013
Juniper November 2008 On-portal Betting to push Mobile Gambling Wagers to $27.5 billion by 2013
Compass September 2008 U.S. Businesses Expected to Spend $11.6 Billion on Mobile Applications by 2012
Gartner September 2008 Worldwide Smartphone Sales Grew 16 Per Cent in Second Quarter of 2008
Gartner September 2008 Worldwide Smartphone Sales Grew 16 Per Cent in Second Quarter of 2008
Gartner August 2008 Worldwide Mobile Phone Sales Increased 12 Percent in Second Quarter of 2008
Gartner August 2008 Telecom Carriers Are Well Placed to Win Advertising Revenue if They Overcome Key Challenges
Gartner August 2008 Worldwide Mobile Phone Sales on Pace to Grow 11 Per Cent in 2008
In-Stat August 2008 ‘Mobile Video’ Increasingly Includes ‘Internet Video’ but Mobile Operators Can Fulfill Current Needs
Canalys August 2008 Almost 40% of smart phones shipping in EMEA have GPS integrated
In-Stat July 2008 iPhone and Android Build Momentum For Major Change In Wireless Industry
IDC July 2008 Advanced Features in High-End Phones Help Drive Worldwide Mobile Phone Shipments to 15.3% Growth in Second Quarter
Gartner June 2008 Worldwide Mobile Gaming Revenue to Surpass $4.5 Billion in 2008
Gartner May 2008 Gartner Says Worldwide Mobile Phone Sales Increased 14 Per Cent in First Quarter of 2008
In-Stat May 2008 Smartphones: The Clear Choice over Mobile Internet Devices in US
Canalys February 2008 Smart mobile device shipments hit 118 million in 2007, up 53% on 2006
In-Stat February 2008 HSPA, New Data Plans Will Improve the Smartphone Market In Europe
Forrester January 2008 European Mobile Instant Messaging To Triple In The Next Six Years
In-Stat November 2007 Size and Growth of Smartphone Market Will Exceed Laptop Market for Next Five Years
IDC October 2007 Nokia and Samsung Continue Gains as Mobile Phone Volume Rises 13.8%
Canalys August 2007 Worldwide mobile navigation device market more than doubles
IDC August 2007 Handheld Device Vendors Benefit from Dell’s Departure, But Overall Market Still in Decline
Canalys June 2007 Consumers warm to the touch screen phone
Canalys May 2007 Interest in mobile TV overshadowed by other applications
ComScore May 2007 Mobile Web Audience Already One-Fifth the Size of PC-Based Internet Audience in the U.K.
Strategy Analytics April 2007 Inventory Burn Trims Global Mobile Handset Shipment Growth to 12% in Q1 2007 
Research & Markets March 2007 Symbian Continues to Lead the Smartphone Operating System Arena with More Than 70% of Market Share  
IDC February 2007 Converged Mobile Device Market Surges Ahead on 42% Growth in 2006
Canalys February 2007 64 million smart phones shipped worldwide in 2006
IDC February 2007 Worldwide Handheld Device Shipments Reach 5.5 Million Units in 2006, Down 28.5% From 2005 Levels
Gartner February 2007 Gartner Says Worldwide PDA Shipments Top 17.7 Million in 2006
Strategy Analytics January 2007 Global Mobile Phone Shipments Top 1 Billion Units in 2006  
Canalys October 2006 EMEA smart mobile device market growth rises to 11.7%
IDC October 2006 Record Shipments Drive Worldwide Mobile Phone Market to 21.0% Growth
IDC September 2006 Shipments of Converged Mobile Devices Hit New Record High in Second Quarter of 2006
Telephia August 2006 US Mobile Internet Population Jumps to 34.6 Million
Canalys July 2006 Smart mobile device market growth remains steady at 55%
IDC July 2006 Mobile Phone Shipments Continue Robust Growth in the Second Quarter
Strategy Analytics April 2006 Global Mobile Phone Shipments Will Reach 1 Billion Units in 2006
IDC April 2006 Worldwide Mobile Phone Market Exhibits Strong Year-Over-Year Growth on Continued Strength of Developing Markets
Gartner February 2006 Gartner Says Top Six Vendors Drive Worldwide Mobile Phone Sales to 21 Percent Growth in 2005
IDC January 2006 A Strong Fourth Quarter Sends Worldwide Mobile Phone Shipments over 800 Million Units for 2005
Strategy Analytics January 2006 Megavendors Drive Global Handset Shipments to 810 Million Units in 2005
Strategy Analytics January 2006 Global Handset Sales Forecast, 2005-2010
Infotrends January 2006 Camera Phones Account for 87% of Mobile Phone Shipments in 2010
iSuppli January 2006 Mobile Phone Revenue To Decline
IDC November 2005 3G the Trigger to Wider Consumer Smart Phone Adoption as the European Mobile Phone Market Grows 16% in 3Q05
IDC October 2005 Worldwide Mobile Phone Market Breaks 200 Million Unit Mark in 3Q05
Canalys October 2005 Worldwide smart phone market soars in Q3 September 2005 Series 60 Key Figures
Gartner August 2005 Mobile phone sales rise 21%
Gartner August 2005 Worldwide PDA Shipments Increased 32 Percent in Q2 2005
Canalys July 2005 Smart phones up, handhelds down globally in Q2
IDC July 2005 Mobile Device Operating System Report
Gartner July 2005 A billion mobile phones by 2009
LogicaCMG July 2005 Mobile Content Demand Set to Triple
Canalys April 2005 Global smart mobile device sales surge past 10 million in quarter
Strategy Analytics April 2005 Cameraphones Stealing Sales From Digicams
IDC January 2005 IDC Finds Young Adult Males More Likely than Females to Purchase Mobile Phones as Fashion Statements
Strategy Analytics January 2005 Handset sales reach new high in 2004
Canalys October 2004 Global smart phone shipments treble in Q3
Ovum September 2004 Ringtones to generate $721 mln in Western Europe in 2008<
Gartner September 2004 Mobile Phone Sales Spike
Strategy Analytics August 2004 Mobile Data Revenues Will Grow to $189 Billion in 2009
IDC July 2004 Worldwide Mobile Phone Market Continues to Exhibit Strong Growth